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James F. Cavanagh

Cognitive Rhythms and Computation Lab

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James F Cavanagh is an Assistant Professor in the UNM Department of Psychology. He directs the Cognitive Rhythms and Computation Lab, which combines EEG and computational modeling work to define the mechanistic functions of neural systems that facilitate learning and decision making. This integrated research perspective has promising implications for understanding the dysfunctions that contribute to psychiatric and neurological disorders.

Abdullah Mueen

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Abdullah Mueen is an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at University of New Mexico since 2013. Earlier he was a Scientist in the Cloud and Information Science Lab at Microsoft Corporation. His major interest is in temporal data mining with a focus on two unique types of signals: social networks and electrical sensors. He has been actively publishing in the data mining conferences including KDD, ICDM and SDM and journals including DMKD and KAIS. He has received runner-up award in the Doctoral Dissertation Contest in KDD 2012. He has won the best paper award in the same conference. Earlier, he earned PhD degree at the University of California at Riverside and BSc degree at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology.

Chris Wu

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Chris Wu is a graduating student of UNM of the CS department. His focus is mainly object oriented languages and provided the base of this website. He provided basic scripts and behaviors to the site and helped format the site to be more visually appealing.

Arthur Napolitano

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Arthur Napolitano is a senior undergraduate student of the Computer Science Department of UNM Main campus. He wrote two EEG tools (Oddballs Task and Flankers Task) in Java and integrated them to the EEG machine. He also created a template for the Pred+ct website and helped on back end tasks. His major interest is in the area of Robotics and is a hobbyist when it comes to AVR programming. He is currently working on a project with Los Alamos National Laboratories concerning robotics.

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This work was conducted as part of a Brain Initiative Seed Award supported by the University of New Mexico Office of the Vice President for Research

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