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Accession # Project Name Investigator(s) Funding Publication Link Task Patient Group Number of Patients CTL? CTL Number EEG System Number of Electrodes Description Download Link
d004 Cost Conflict Simon Matthew A. Albrecht NIMH - 2R01MH080066-06A1 NHMRC - APP1090716 TBD Cost Conflict Simon Schizoprhenia 46 yes 32 BrainVision 64 Simon Conflict with RL 'Click Here'
d003 Depression Rest James F. Cavanagh & John J.B.Allen F31MH082560 'Click Here'Rest Depression / High BDI 46 yes 75 Neuroscan 64 6 mins 'Click Here'
d002 Parkinson's Rests James F. Cavanagh NaN TBD Rest Parkinson's 27 yes 27 BrainVision 64 2 Mins 'Click Here'
d001 Parkinson's Oddball James F. Cavanagh None TBD 3 Auditory Oddball Parkinson's 25 yes 25 BrainVision 64 200 trials 'Click Here'
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This work was conducted as part of a Brain Initiative Seed Award supported by the University of New Mexico Office of the Vice President for Research

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